Christmas with the McRaes: Books 1-3 (The McRaes Series)

Christmas with the McRaes: Books 1-3 (The McRaes Series) 10 out of 10 based on 782 ratings. 4,969 user reviews.
Titre:Christmas with the McRaes: Books 1-3 (The McRaes Series)
La langue:Français
Date de sortie:November 15, 2014
Nombre de pages:1156 pages
Auteur:Teresa Hill
Editeur:Teresa Hill
Keyword Books:christmas, with, mcraes, books, series

Christmas with the McRaes: Books 1-3 (The McRaes Series) PDF
Christmas with the McRaes: Books 1-3 (The McRaes Series) Epub
Christmas with the McRaes: Books 1-3 (The McRaes Series) Audiobook

The first three contemporary romances in the series readers describe as "unforgettable."

This boxed set includes the first THREE books in the bestselling McRaes series, plus a bonus novella. It's more than 1000 pages of deep emotion, surprising humor, and memorable family drama.


Twelve Days before Christmas, Rachel McRae opens her front door and a social worker puts a baby in her arms -- one who comes with a four-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl -- siblings abandoned and in need of a temporary home

Rachel and her husband, Sam, have dreamed of a house filled with children -- a dream that has led them to repeated heartbreak. Sam McRae has finally decided the only thing left to do is leave his wife.

Reluctantly, Rachel and Sam take the children in, but just until after Christmas. They will do their best not to fall in love with them, not to get their hopes up that this time a miracle will happen. That these children will stay, and that their marriage can still be saved.


Rye is a man with an ugly past. He didn't come to Baxter, Ohio, looking for a woman, but there she was.

Emma is pretty and sweet, and the kind of woman he'd always wanted, but never dreamed he could have. Her innocence and vulnerability tugs at Rye's weary heart, and the sizzling sexual pull between them can't be ignored.

But Emma has a dangerous ex-boyfriend, plus an outraged, overprotective father with a family connection that dooms Rye and Emma's relationship from the start. That and Rye's dangerous past make it seem impossible for them to have a future together.

BED OF LIES (Book 3)

One very bad night, after more than a few drinks, the most perfect guy in the world falls apart and ends up in bed with Julie. She understands. It happens.

It doesn’t mean anything, she says, but she’s lying to herself. It blows up her life and his.

Growing up, Zach McRae was her best friend's older brother, sweet, protective and perfect. He shows up out of the blue at her engagement dinner and instantly sees right through all the lies she's told herself. Like that she's fine, even happy and right where she wants to be.

Zach, also, is no longer the perfect guy of her childhood, although he’s trying desperately not to let it show. His life is increasingly and uncharacteristically out of control.

It’s time for he and Julie to face some hard truths from their past, and some puzzling ones from their present. Like that they can’t stop thinking about each other... or ending up in bed together.

Everything To Me (Bonus Novella)

Catch up with the whole McRae family as Emma & Rye's daughter falls for Peter, Zach's wife's brother.

Grab your copy now and save more than 20 percent!

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