Mystic Links - Every Game Has Its Stories - from the author of Hit Down Dammit!

Mystic Links - Every Game Has Its Stories - from the author of Hit Down Dammit! 10 out of 10 based on 311 ratings. 1,714 user reviews.
Titre:Mystic Links - Every Game Has Its Stories - from the author of Hit Down Dammit!
La langue:Français
Date de sortie:August 16, 2012
Nombre de pages:192 pages
Auteur:Clive Scarff
Editeur:Thornhill Press
Keyword Books:mystic, links, every, game, stories, from, author, down, dammit

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"I am a golfer-at-large and not really a book critic, but I can honestly tell you I very much enjoyed reading Mystic Links. I would, without hesitation, tell you that you will enjoy it too. A very interesting way of talking golf via stories that are not your normal morning ball and golf tale.

Ken Green
5-Time PGA Tour Champion"

Virtually no one out there lacks an opinion about golf. Golfers are obsessed with it and non-golfers are never shy to voice their opinion on it. This is the audience I am writing to with “Mystic Links”: non-golfers and golfers alike. Golf is the common denominator, but the actual stories are about people. People who play golf and people who don’t.

Golf can be a metaphor for life, and certainly life can be a metaphor for golf. I consider myself a true sports fan, with my love for sports ranging from ice hockey to cricket and almost everything in between. But there is something inexplicable about golf. Its history, its traditions, and certainly its characters.
Golf’s inexplicability can even foster a mystical impression of it; that there are powers at play so far beyond our control that any attempt to truly master the game are, well, pointless.

“Mystic Links” was originally conceived as a television show: sort of my answer to “Touched By an Angel on a golf course”. Each chapter is a stand-alone story, episode if you will, but with at least one element that “links” to the story preceding, or the story to follow.

I hope you enjoy “Mystic Links” and certainly welcome your feedback via my website at .


Clive Scarff
Author, Mystic Links

Chapter Breakdown:

1. The Round - a cynic goes on a golf holiday and plays the best round of his life. The only trouble is he is completely by himself and can tell no one.

2. The Cheat - a TV camerman has an ethical dilemma when he realizes he has just filmed a prominent news anchorman cheating during a charity fundraiser golf tournament.

3. The Mentor - a young, lonely, golfer receives help and confidence from a mysterious old man watching him practice.

4. The Guard - a golf club's janitor who has aspirations of becoming the club's security guard suspects someone is trying to break into the pro shop.

5. The Caddy - a young, poor, man is given the gift of a golf holiday in Mexico, only to discover there are others poorer than him.

6. The Clubs - a husband and wife have a disagreement over taking up the sport of golf.

7. The Negotiator - when a golfer takes the golf course superintendent hostage a police woman learns just how passionate golfers can be about their golf course.

8. The Suit - a lawyer sues his golf instructor for malpractice.

9. The Escape - 2 bank robbers are in for a surprise when they try to escape via tunnels that lie beneath a golf course.

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