Swing Issues

Swing Issues

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Titre:Swing Issues
La langue:Français
Date de sortie:February 21, 2011
Nombre de pages:172 pages
Auteur:Clive Scarff
Editeur:Thornhill Press
Keyword Books:swing, issues

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Bonus: Includes "The Round," one of nine short stories from the golf themed, Mystic Links, also by Clive Scarff and available on Amazon.

Hi, I’m Clive Scarff, author of the top ranked golf instruction books “Hit Down Dammit!” and "Why You Suck at Golf". I welcome you to my newest instructional book, Swing Issues.

(For those of you who have previously purchased Swing Issues I - The Swing and Swing Issues II - The Swing, this book, Swing Issues, is a compilation of Swing Issues I and II into one much bigger, expanded edition. If you already own Swing Issues I, all you need to do is update it and it will become this edition you see here. If you own Swing Issues II, all you need to do is contact us at submit@thornhillpress.com and request this updated version, Swing Issues.)

I have been teaching golf since 1994, and a natural by-product of teaching is addressing the questions and misconceptions regarding the golf swing. The success of Hit Down Dammit! has led, pleasantly, to a huge influx of letters also asking questions or seeking clarity over misconceptions regarding the golf swing. Many of these letters ask the same questions… no doubt questions a great many other golfers would like the answers to as well.

"Swing Issues", discusses the most common questions and misconceptions about the golf swing. For me, a priority was dealing with the misconceptions. There are so many misconceptions and myths, in golf, that we tend to accept, and we do not question them. This is for the singular reason that this is golf, golf is mystical, and the mystical and common sense do not mix. Which is of course ridiculous. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone defend a myth with no explanation. The best they could come up with was, “But everyone knows that” or “But that’s what they say” or my personal favourite, “It’s always been that way.” If that made any sense we’d still have rotary dial telephones.

"Swing Issues" deals with, among other things, misconceptions such as:

-the need to be able to “work” [draw/fade] the ball (I’ve never seen a straight hitter that was a bad player);
-the notion that a bigger backswing produces more power (it can be quite the opposite);
-the left hand controls the swing while the right hand goes along for the ride (does this make sense to you if you are right handed?);
-keeping the right wrist bent through impact (try throwing a ball without straightening your wrist);
-the notion that the clubface must always be square throughout the swing (nothing that rotates can be eternally square)
-and more.

Because many of the concepts discussed in Swing Issues I require a basic understanding of other concepts, this book also discusses basics such as:

-the downswing
-swing path
-swing plane
-the set-up position
-use of the hands, and more.

I know you will find Swing Issues informative, interesting, and thought-provoking. You may also find I am quite forthright in my opinions, but they are not really opinions. They are facts based upon discoveries stemming from teaching, talking, and writing about the golf swing for nearly twenty years.

I invite you to read Swing Issues, and if one single chapter leads to an epiphany with respect to your golf swing, I think you will agree it was worth the time invested. Best of luck with your game,

Clive Scarff

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